This assessment tool should help you determine if you and your position might work well on one of the options you are considering. 

Below are some statements to help you think through your choice.  They are based on success factors that have made such arrangements work for other individuals and companies. They are intended to help your decision-making, not necessarily to be shared with your manager.

My performance in my current position has been consistently rated “meets expectations” or better for the past several years.

I can eliminate some job tasks without negatively impacting the business.

I can develop a schedule that fully meets the essential needs for this role and/or the needs of my external customers.

I can eliminate some job tasks without negatively impacting the business.

I can set and manage appropriate expectations for myself within a modified schedule.

I can participate adequately in most essential meetings and training as needed.

I can delegate tasks and responsibilities when appropriate without burdening others.

I can establish priorities effectively within the constraints of my proposed schedule.

I know workloads tend to expand and believe I can keep reasonable time boundaries.

I have a strong history of completing high quality work assignments and meeting deadlines.

I have been given feedback during performance discussions that I am flexible and adaptable.

I have received feedback during such discussions that I am organized and manage my time effectively.

I can provide the same level of quality service to customers on my proposed schedule.

I have been told that my strong communication skills help me keep others up-to-date on my work.

I am disciplined and can adapt to changes I make in my schedule.

Interpreting Your Results:  The more checks you have, the greater your readiness – and the more likely you are to succeed on your proposed schedule. Look at the statements you didn’t check. They can help you identify areas that need further development. 

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